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State of Residential Recycling Webinar Presentation presented by The Recycling Partnership - April 30, 2024

Scott Mouw and Matt James with The Recycling Partnership presented the latest State of Residential Recycling report, including diving into Georgia’s recycling stats as well opportunities for increasing recycling in the State.

Click here to see the presentation.

Interested in learning more about the grants available from The Recycling Partnership? Click here to learn more.

Interested in learning more about behavior change? Click here to check out The Recycling Partnership’s Center for Sustainable Behavior and Impact.

GRC 32nd Annual Conference

Presentations from GRC’s Conference held October 23-25, 2023.

Keynote Address by Keefe Harrison with The Recycling Partnership.

Session 1: Local Programs highlighted how Georgia’s universities and local government programs are expanding their recycling efforts via innovation and technology.

Mason Towe, UGA

Martyna Griffin, Keep Carroll Beautiful 

Malte Weiland, Georgia Tech/Ryan Walden, ECGO

Session 2: Advancing Recovery highlighted how the latest efforts to increase recovery of materials, from glass and plastics to food service packaging, are continuing to grow and evolve.

Paul Benvenuti, Hefty ReNew Program

Chris Mahin, Knauf Insulation NA

Abbey Patterson, Resource Recycling Systems/NAIMA (coming soon!)

Session #3: Circular Solutions provided two diverse perspectives on how challenging, but valuable, materials are being addressed more aggressively as we strive toward a more circular economy.

Christy Sapp, Nexus Circular

Mark Steadman, Call2Recycle  

Session 4: Next Level Action showcased how technology and vibrant programs are elevating the reach of recycling.

Candace Rutherford, Brightmark

Scott Chase, AMP Robotics (coming soon!)

Rachel Musetti, Cox Enterprises

Session 5: Serving Diverse Population showcased tips for bridging the gaps between economy and ecology, unifying disparate audiences, and informing industry of ways that can monetize conservation while improving life for disadvantaged communities.

Leonard Robinson, Archdiocese of Atlanta

Jon Huls, SEMCO

Recycling Managers Breakout Session

GRC 31 st Annual Conference

Presentations from GRC’s Conference held September 2022.

Keynote Address by Kellie Ballew with Shaw Industries.

Technology and Innovation Session 1

Reaching for New Heights Session

Jennifer Bogs with Crown Holdings

Brad Rickard with Athens-Clarke County

Barbara Alfano with US EPA Region 4

Technology and Innovation Session 2

Edel Rodriguez with AMP Robotics

Stephen Klemann with Closed Loop Partners

Boosting Impact Session

Abbey Patterson with NAIMA

Matt Todd with RRS and Foodservice Packaging Institute

Jacqueline Dost with Carroll County Tire Management

USCC Composting Chapter Informational Meeting

General Presentation

EPD Recovered Material and Scrap Tire Overview

Education and Outreach

Dr. Jasmeet Kaur with The Coca-Cola Company

Mason Towe and Ellie Filston with UGA

Closing Session with Myles Cohen and Michael Timpane

Megatrends in Recycling and Recovery



Compost Webinar

In celebration of International Compost Awareness Week, GRC hosted a webinar highlighting compost. Originally recorded on May 4, 2022. Watch webinar now.



Municipal Measurement Program Webinar

Recording of Municipal Measurement Program Webinar. Originally held on April 1, 2022.


State of Recycling Webinar

Recording of GRC’s State of Recycling Webinar featuring Chaz Miller. Originally held on March 16, 2022.


Archived presentations (2021 and older)

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