Looking for a presentation from one of our previous webinars and conferences?  Check the archived list below for videos and slides from our speakers.

GRC Print Media

GRC occasionally creates media in the forms of flyers or presentations to educate the public about recycling and other green movements.  Here we have provided these materials for you.  If you require other materials, Keep America Beautiful offers some material for purchase on their site www.kab.org.

27th GRC Annual Conference 2018

Opening Session – Bruce Karas, Coca-Cola

The Main Issue

Focusing on Progress

Sustainable Materials Management

US EPA Prioritization Tool

Program Strong!

Beyond the Curb Sort

Markets Panel

Amending the Sort

GRC Semi-Annual Training Meeting—April 22, 2015

Technologies/Terminology + Potpourri of Programs:


Recycling-What is it?!:


Made in Georgia/Measure Georgia:


Funding Initiatives-Recycling Partnership & Close Loop Fund:


New Technology-Plastics to Fuels + Anaerobic Digesters:


Model Programs-CHARMing Updates & Zero Waste Zones:

20th Annual Conference 2011 - Life in the RE-World

GRC held its 20th Annual Conference in St. Simons, GA on August 21-24, 2011. The Annual Conference, Trade Show and Membership Meeting allowed attendees to network with companies within the field, learn about future endeavors, and engage in workshops to bring more success back to local communities. Below is a list of the speakers, their presentations, and affiliation. Please contact us with further inquiries.

What Will the New Solid Waste Laws Mean for Your Community?

GRC and EPD teamed up to host a legislative update and issues forum June 30, 2011 at the Environmental Protection Division branch located in Atlanta, GA. Attendees learned how, as a solid waste managers, planners, elected officials or landfill operators, the legislative changes will effect them and their communities due to the recent changes to the Solid Waste Management Act. Below is a list of the speakers, their presentations, and affiliation. Please contact us with further inquiries.

Semi-Annual Training Meeting - 2011

GRC has just finished its semi-annual training meeting in Cartersville, GA at the Tellus Science Museum with great success!  During the meeting we had numerous speakers on a variety of topics and now we are making all of their presentations available on our site.  Below is a list of each person that spoke as well as their affiliation and a link to their PowerPoint presentation.  If you require further information contact us.