Georgia jobs and Georgia businesses depend on recycled glass. There are 5 companies, 8 locations, and over 1,200 jobs equating to $1.1B in revenue using recycled glass in Georgia.(Source:

Facts and Myths 

Source: Strategic Materials May 2021

Case Studies and Success Stories

Learn more about Tower Beer, Wine, and Spirits and Haulin’ Glass’ partnership to collect glass in Atlanta.

Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits partnered with local hauling company Haulin’ Glass to offer a new glass recycling program to the local community. The effort began as a pilot initiative of CHaRM Atlanta; its success lead to this permanent program.

The glass is dropped off for recycling at Tower stores, picked up by Haulin’ Glass and sent to Strategic Materials (SMI) in College Park.  SMI then processes the glass and recycles it back into the Georgia economy through the production of new glass containers and fiberglass insulation – all made in GA, including Owens Corning, CertainTeed, John Mansville and Anchor Glass. The demand for recycled glass in Georgia outweighs the current recovery rate.

The use of recycled glass in the production of these products also has wider environmental benefits to the State.  Recycled glass not only displaces mined, virgin materials like sand, but it also melts at a lower temperature, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions and energy savings.



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Glass Resources

Glass Packaging Institute’s Road Map

GPI is excited to announce a brand new initiative, “A Circular Future for Glass,” a 10-year plan to raise the U.S.’s glass recycling rate to 50%.  Learn more here.

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Glass Recycling Foundation

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