Getting ready for Halloween? From purchasing locally grown pumpkins to reusing items around your house to make decorations and costumes, here are tips to make your Halloween spooky and sustainable.

  • Use reusable totes or pillowcases to hold candy while trick-or-treating.
  • Purchase candy in recyclable cardboard packaging.
  • Buy eco-friendly candy.  Try one of the ideas from honestly modern’s sustainable or zero waste candy list.
  • Keep plastic candy wrappers out of the recycling bin.  Check locally to see if your community has a TerraCycle® drop-off collection container for candy wrappers.
Decorations. Pumpkins, and Food
  • Upcycle or repurpose items around the house for decorations (e.g., paint glass bottles and add spooky labels and flowers for a quick and festive centerpiece.)
  • Purchase locally grown pumpkins.
  • Don’t bleach your pumpkin.  Instead, use a vinegar-water mixture (10 parts water to one part vinegar) to soak the pumpkin.
  • Use seasonal and locally sourced food for your party.
  • Buy in bulk and limit single-use packages.
  • Use reusable serveware, plates, napkins, and flatware.
  • Recycle empty beverage containers and pizza boxes.
  • Don’t forget to compost your pumpkin and food scraps after your Halloween party.
  • Don’t place streamers, costumes, or balloons in with your recycling.