General Education Information

Education students about the environment and starting a school recycling program are great ways to reduce waste and increase awareness about the importance of recycling.  There are many classroom resources that cover recycling, waste management, and other environmental topics.

Successful school recycling programs divert recyclables from the waste stream and help to keep valuable natural resources from ending up in a landfill. Often schools find they are able to reduce the size or quantity of the waste collection dumpsters or to lower the frequency that garbage is picked–up at the school site. This may result in saving money for the school, while educating the next generation on the value of caring for our community and environment.

Resources for Educators/Parents/Administration

Here are a couple of recommendations to increase awareness about recycling and start or boost participation in your school recycling program:

  • The Georgia school recycling guide has step-by-step instructions on how to start a program and measure your success.
  • Green Teacher magazine helps enhance environmental programs in your classroom.
  • Looking for more activities to get students more interested in recycling?  Check out these teacher resources from EPA.


Looking for ways to engage your students in outdoor learning?

  • Take a nature walk and try one of 12 nature walk activities from Project Learning Tree.
  • Plants seeds to attract pollinators.
  • Make seed balls from recycled paper with simple instructions from Buggy and Buddy.
  • Plant a school garden. Gardening teaches kids healthy eating habits and increases the likelihood of kids trying new fruits and vegetables.
    • Plant native plants to support diversity and attract native wildlife. Learn more about native plants in Georgia at Georgia Native Plant Society’s website.
    • Looking for lesson plans for school gardens?  Try these pre-K-12 lesson plans from Georgia Organics.
    • Get helpful tips from growing vegetables from Georgia Organics (designed to help even those of us who may not have a green thumb!)
    • Learn more about food waste in America at and how to make a difference.
    • Plant an extra row in your garden to donate to a food pantry.


Looking for addition STEM and STEAM activities?

  • Earth911 makes every day earth day!  Check it out for environmental games, activities, and information.
  • Make your own biodegradable planter!  Find the instructions here.
  • Want to know how you can protect the planet? Join the Planet Protectors Club today and learn about recycling and reuse!
  • Watch a video from Glad to learn how to Make a Compost Bin for your home.
  • Download a composting coloring book from the Georgia Recycling Coalition.
Reading Lists

Looking for books about the environment, composting, or recycling?  Check out these lists compiled for students.

Recycling and Environment Book List 

Compost Books for Kids