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Truth about Recycling in the US (Rodale Organic Life)

Up until 2010, the percentage of garbage diverted from landfills to be recycled or composted—plastic bottles, glass jars, grass clippings, paper, cardboard boxes, rubber tires—was improving steadily, but for the last six years the rate has stalled at around 34 percent, a drop-off in momentum that some say could pose a crisis for the future … Continued

Connie Burns Scholarship

Connie Burns Scholarship Fund The sudden and unexpected loss or our dear friend and colleague in the summer of 2012 ignited the need to honor and remember her great work in, and passion for, our industry. With that in mind, several began the process of creating an ongoing scholarship fund for college and university students … Continued

Glass Recycling Coalition

GPI is delighted to announce the formation of the Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC).  The GRC is a dynamic group of organizations that will collaborate on efforts to make glass recycling work in the U.S., through identifying and sharing best practices, developing strategies to assist municipalities with glass recycling decisions, and establishing a network of glass … Continued

US EPA Head: Biggest Wish is 90% Recycling Rate and Why

On December 20, 2011, on The Dr. Oz Show (television) Dr. Oz and EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson had the following exchange at the conclusion of an interview on water safety: Dr. Oz: “As a last comment, if your goal—which it is—is to make the world a cleaner, healthier place, looking around, what would you … Continued

Measure Georgia

Measure Georgia, an initiative of the Georgia Recycling Coalition, aims to collect data to report on the size and economic impact of recycling in Georgia.   Some of the nation’s largest users of recovered materials call Georgia home, employing thousands of people in the state. We have mapped the recycling industry and will soon have … Continued

Made in Georgia

Watch the Made in Georgia from recycled materials video:   The Georgia Department of Natural Resources in partnership with the Georgia Recycling Coalition and the Georgia Department of Economic Development are finalizing a GIS mapping project (layers of our industry: landfills, transfer stations, compost facilities, materials recovery facilities, end markets) that has resulted in … Continued