Campaign Messages

Social media provides an easy way to connect with your community and share information about the importance of recycling in Georgia, as well as what is and what is not recyclable in your program. Social media posts spark conversation, engage your followers, and increase your audiences’ awareness about the campaign.

GRC created more than 100 messages/images for you to post to your organization’s Facebook page and/or Instagram account and a social media calendar to help you plan your social media marketing. As a GRC member or campaign promoter in Georgia, all campaign images are available for you to use.;"

Social Media Calendar

The social media calendar contains posts and images for you to post/share on specific dates throughout the year. This ensures that we will reach the largest audience on the same days with a consistent message across the state. To get started, download the campaign social media calendar (post_calendar.doc) with content and the zip files with images below.

How to Post

There are two ways that you can post the content:

1)    Share and Post

This is the easiest way to participate! GRC will also be following the schedule in the social media calendar and posting the same content to its social media accounts. Members are encouraged to post or share GRC’s post.

2)   Customize and Post

Sometimes a post may need to be modified for your community. For example, if your program accepts pizza boxes curbside, you may want to customize the text in the post to provide more specific information about your program.

While content can be customized to fit your community, it is important to have the same themed message posted across the state on the same day.

To customize your post:

  1. Download the social media calendar (post_calendar.doc file) and zip files with images below.
  2. From the social media calendar, find the day’s date in the first column.
  3. Click on the folder to download the image (images with _IG are sized for Instagram and images with _FB are sized for Facebook)
  4. Copy and paste the message from the file.
  5. Update message.
  6. Paste the updated message and image on your social media account and post.


Step-by-step instructions are shown below.

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