Glass Recycling Coalition

GPI is delighted to announce the formation of the Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC).  The GRC is a dynamic group of organizations that will collaborate on efforts to make glass recycling work in the U.S., through identifying and sharing best practices, developing strategies to assist municipalities with glass recycling decisions, and establishing a network of glass recycling champions to increase the availability of recycled glass that can become new bottles and jars as well as fiberglass.

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Georgia Glass Recycling Stakeholders Gather to Identify Solutions 


Georgia Recycling Coalition held a Glass Recycling Summit in July 2016 and continues to work with the national Glass Recycling Coalition on plans to increase accessibility to glass recycling in Georgia. See the presentations from this summit below as well as the post-summit press release. 

Glass Packaging Institute Presentation

Glass and MFRs: What Got Us Here – Michael Timpane

Strategic Materials Presentation

The Use of Glass Cullet – Angus E. Crane

Just One Bottle – Scott Miller



Stay tuned for more details forthcoming.