Where Compost is King

Atlanta organizations help turn food waste into a resource

“It’s second nature at my house,” says Khari Diop of Think Green, a nonprofit focused on environmental education. He’s talking about how his household of seven in Atlanta’s Peoplestown neighborhood accumulates kitchen scraps in the freezer and periodically takes them out to a compost pile, where they mix the scraps with yard waste.

It’s how one household deals with its food waste. But Diop’s family is in a very small minority.

ReFED, a national nonprofit dedicated to reducing U.S. food waste, reports that more than 52 million tons of food are sent to landfills around the United States each year. They estimate that wasted food consumes 21 percent of all water used in this country, 19 percent of fertilizers used, 18 percent of our cropland, and 21 percent of our landfills.

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