Annual Membership Meeting Documents

The annual business meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 24th.

2023 Annual Meeting Agenda

2022 Meeting Minutes

Information Regarding the Board Nominations for the 2024-26 Term

During the annual business meeting on Tuesday, October 24th, GRC members will vote to fill open slots for the Board of Directors for 2024-26 term.

Following are bios for the candidates:

Current Board Members Wishing to Serve an Additional Term

The following members are currently serving on the Board of Directors, have expressed interest in serving an additional term and are all members in good standing.

Carliss Bates


Mason Towe


Additional Nominations for GRC board of Directors for 2024-26 Term

The following members have expressed interest in serving on the Board of Directors.

Marla Prince


Kira Stopczynski

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